August Heffner

August Heffner is an American father, husband, designer & teacher. He lives with his wife and two children in Brooklyn, NY. He serves as Design Director at Work & Co, a digital product design and development company. He teaches one course at Parsons School of Design.

He has served in the following roles in New York City:

Creative Director at Huge Inc.

Director of Brand Creative at Kate Spade Saturday.

Creative Lead at Google’s Creative Lab.

Design Director at J.Crew.

Associate Creative Director at The Museum of Modern Art.

Senior Designer at Interbrand.

Senior Designer at Doyle Partners.

In these roles he has served a variety of clients including, but not limited to: American Express, Apple, Chase, Dick’s Sporting Goods, New York City Parks, Nonesuch Records, Stephen Colbert, T-Mobile, Toys’R’Us, Tracksmith, Victoria’s Secret.

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