August Heffner¹ is a designer, teacher², & Creative Director³ who has served a variety of institutions in teaching classes, leading in-house teams, and designing for clients. His work connects brand and digital product design disciplines.

Incomplete works

This is a verbal description of select projects and roles. I‘ve attempted to design, write, and handcode every element of this site. The font used on this site is in progress, the words are constantly being rewritten, and the code is, well... simple. For a more image-heavy (or “live”) explanation of any of these stories please get in touch

The Museum of Modern Art—Advertising, Exhibitions, and Brand via Typography

2009-2012 · Design & Creative Director, In-house

Apple—An Internal Publishing Platform for a Corporate Giant

2017 · Design & Direction, Work & Co.

Philz Coffee—The Fastest way to Order the World’s Slowest Cup of Coffee

2017 · Design & Direction, Work & Co.

PATH—The Complexity of Global Health

2018 · Creative Direction & Design, Instrument

One Medical—Redefining Primary Care

2018 · Design & Creative Direction, Instrument

coming soon

New Knowledge—From Fake News, to Disinformation, to Information Integrity

2019 · Design & Creative Direction, Instrument

J.Crew—How an Internal Agency can connect Ecomm, Catalogs, & the Mall

2012-2014 · Design & Direction, In-House

Kate Spade Saturday—Fashion Innovation Lab as Instant International Brand

2015 · Creative Direction, In-House

The New York Times—Typographic Op-Ed Illustrations

2008–2015 · Design & Illustration



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